Einstein’s definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

In the days of cold war the Americans had communism as the common enemy. The used it to knit a closer fabric in their society. Once the Iron curtain came down, they needed a new evil, a new enemy. They are partly responsible for the modern Islamic fundamentalism. We keep playing into their hand time and time over. Enough is enough. The majority of Muslims are like the majority of any other race. They all want the same thing. To have a better life and a better future for their kids. Tony Blair recently said that the biggest threat of our time is Muslim fundamentalism and it is responsible for all the modern wars. He forgot to mention that the war in Iraq and Afghanistan were only for economic reasons not idealistic ones. Hundreds of thousands of civilians killed, millions homeless, but the oil in Iraq, the concessions all ended up with American companies. The wars were always about controlling the oil nothing else. They never gave a shit about Saddam Hussein for over 30 years. Not even when he gassed his own people. WMD was an excuse to control the oil. Instead of handling the economic situation they keep scaring people of the Muslims.

Politicians have failed the very people they are supposed to represent. They are failing young people, the elderly, the independents, the big business, the immigrants, and women. The new order is blaming everyone else for the failure of banks a few years ago, not directly but indirectly. The public is paying for their mistakes; youth unemployment, lack of credit, stifling of the private sector, alienation of the rich and a general witch-hunt of so called tax avoiders. (Taking away the company car privileges, chasing foreign number plates, traffic fines, rules, rules and more rules everyday; none of these actions has netted them anything. Money flies out of Belgium every day, legally. Luxembourg is laughing all the way to the bank).

It is time to stop treating people like idiots, as politicians do, creation of these useless new laws, controlling every aspect of their life, stifling them and harassing them. People, they all want the same thing, a safe and better future.

The rules that are made every day do not represent what the public wants they are the whim of some politicians who want to show they are doing something.

Voltaire: when it comes to money everyone is of the same religion.

7 governments in this small country, Politicians getting a very nice life as a result of the taxes you pay and doing favours for one another. A big conspiracy.

766 MEPs all getting tax-free salaries, lots of expenses and doing jack shit. We are becoming a colony of Germany. Germans say jump and we jump. Bad news they did win the war.

Tell it the way it is and people understand. You have to speak their language. Ask for their help. Sell government bonds if you have to, to access the savings.

Business: Creativity and innovation comes with diversity. Longer term view of the future, shared prosperity. The old dogmas of being either a socialist, capitalist, conservative or liberal do not hold anymore. The solution is a combination of all.

Technology centre: Tech people keep 50% more of their salary getting a job in London than in Belgium. European Silicon Valley. They need for educating the kids very early on in coding.

Like it or not Europe without one language does not make much sense. It is the common language of business. The government is short sighted and not thinking about tomorrow, it is in this common Europe that the youth will have to compete tomorrow.

Capitalism is still the best system out there but it has to change. The future needs more responsible businesses; more businesses have to concentrate on sustainability.  We cannot continue like we have been doing. And business needs to have a conscience; to care about people and environment.  Incentive for companies who perform social deeds, put into play extensive training program for the youth, more support for local manufacturing, local businesses, for example forcing supermarkets to source more local produce.

Enter into dialogue with the super rich, do not alienate them get them involved, they are the private sector they are the only ones who can make the economy grow. They are part of the solution, not the problem. Government cannot create growth on its own.

Women are treated as second-class citizens. This has to stop now, in the 21st century; equal pay, equal opportunity. Even in politics women do not get far if they don’t sleep with so and so. Gender balance. Certification method for companies that promote equal opportunity.

Help young people to become house owners. Give incentive to owners of empty houses for the houses to be used temporarily for the homeless.

People are generally good. Look at music for life and how much money was raised for noble causes. Don’t treat them like idiots give them responsibility and they will do the right thing.

What good is a society that does not take care of its weakest members? Why alienate the minorities. The political system shows that this is a country where minorities are the majority. Concentrate on them and their problems.

Honesty: you may not trust me but how can you trust a bunch of lying lawyers who call themselves politicians and your representatives and run your life.

Simple question: Are you better off than four years ago.

Make sure people understand that the system of “profiteer” is finished.

Need to liberalise not stifle. Spend in the right places not on fucking politicians.

Bart de Waver is doing nothing for all these people, he is just a power crazy fascist who thinks everyone is intellectual inferior and needs to listen to him. They don’t have any solutions. It is going to be the same and the same as before.